You may make your reservation through the booking function of our website or through a WhatsApp message to the phone number +1 999 242 4700
The reservation process may start when selecting the type of glamping (single or double), the dates, number of people that will visit us and the services you would like. This may be according to HAMEKI’s availability. We recommend you learn the types of glampings we have so you may choose the best for you, please take into consideration that the prices are defined according to the number of people that stays in each glamping.
The steps for reservations through WhatsApp are:
1. Select the type of Pack that you require (described further), specifying the date, number of people (adults and children). This information must be sent through WhatsApp or email to reservaciones@hameki.com.mx
*Please notice that HAMEKI offers the same price for adults and children as the prices are defined according to the number of people that use our facilities and services.
**To make the HAMEKI experience more enjoyable for the family and for the other customers, children under 4 years of age are not allowed.
***When selecting the number of rooms, please take into consideration the maximum capacity of each
Single Glamping: 1 queen size bed for 2 people with the possibility of adding 1 single bed.
Double Glamping: 2 double beds for 4 people with the possibility of adding 1 single bed.
Glamping Suite: 1 queen size bed for 2 people without the possibility of adding more beds.
We have 2 single glampings, 3 double glampings and 1 glamping suite.
If you would like to accommodate more people, please contact our phone number or email.
2. Pay a deposit in order to make the reservation.
Once it is confirmed (either by WhatsApp or email) the availability of the requested service, you will have 2 working days to send proof of the deposit’s payment, which can be 50% of the total cost of the reservation.
* In case we do not receive the corresponding form after the estimated time, we will have to request again the confirmation of availability.
** Before making the payment you must read our «cancellation contracting policies, terms and conditions”.
3. Confirmation of Reservation.
Once the advance payment is made, you must send the deposit’s receipt to us. Please make sure you receive the confirmation from HAMEKI, with the reservation number and description of the contracted service. Please review them so that any questions or clarifications are resolved before your arrival.
* The tour starts at 10:00 am and lasts as long as the client decides. (On average it takes from 2 to 3 hours). Cenotes close at 5:00pm.
* The check-in at the Glamping is at 3:00 pm. The check-out Is at 12:00 pm of the following day. However, you can use the facilities from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
* In case of late arrival: the Glamping will be guaranteed. However, if you know that the arrival time will be after 6:00 pm, please indicate it at the time of making your reservation to prevent any unforeseen event.

Reservation information:
It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that the information related to their reservation is correct and therefore HAMEKI disclaims any responsibility in this regard.
Any difference or error in the information previously provided, and that would cause charges for modifications or changes will be assumed in its entirety by the client.
In order to guarantee any of the services confirmed by HAMEKI, it will be indispensable the payment of the deposit of at least 50% of the total reservation, prior to arrival. For this, the client declares that he/she knows the conditions of the contracted services and accepts them from the moment the reservation is registered and that nothing should be understood as included if it is not clearly described in the proposal presented by HAMEKI.
Generalities for payments.
* To guarantee your reservation and rate, you must make the payment within the established deadlines and send the evidence of the transaction (voucher) to reservaciones@hameki.com.mx or by WhatsApp to the phone 9992424700
** That voucher must be accompanied by the following information: name of the client, number of people (defining the number of children and adults), date and time of arrival, number of days reserved, type of package contracted.
***Once the payment has been made, there won’t be any refunds. Changes can be made without charge up to 8 calendar days in advance. Less than that time a 20% penalty is charged on the total amount of the reservation and contracted services.
For the issuance of the corresponding invoice, you must send an email to administracion@hameki.com.mx requesting the issuance of the document with the following information:
• Company name.
• Fiscal address.
• RFC.
• Use of the CFDI.
• Payment method.
• E-mail address.
Only services within the month in which you made your payment are invoiced.

Cancellation or change of reservation.
When the reservation is not going to be used on the contracted dates, you may request a change of reservation date at no cost. As long as the change is requested with a time greater than 8 calendar days. Less than this time a charge of 20% of the total amount of the reservation and contracted services is generated. HAMEKI does not accept cancellations. Any intended change in your reservation must be requested in writing. Changes in reservation dates will be subject to the conditions of the rate and availability of space.
*If there is a price modification in the rates according to the dates requested by the change, the corresponding differential amount must be covered.
***Cancellations are not accepted***
NON-USE OF SERVICES. When the user cannot or does not wish to use the contracted services, HAMEKI will not reimburse the cost of the same or establish changes for other services.
CLAIMS: Any request, complaint or claim must be made in writing or via e-mail to administracion@HAMEKI.com.mx.
– PETITION: is a verbal or written request with the purpose of requiring your intervention in a specific and concrete matter. The request may be a request, information or suggestion.
– COMPLAINT or COMPLAINT: Expression of dissatisfaction with a service or in relation to the attention received by HAMEKI’s staff.
The present «General Conditions» are accepted by the client from the moment the corresponding reservation is made.

*Food and beverages are not allowed on HAMEKI premises.
*Pets are not allowed.
*Wearing a bathing suit is mandatory to enter to the cenotes. Denim is prohibited.
*You can enter with a bottle of liquor (wine, whiskey, tequila, rum, etc.) but WITHOUT cooler. Only the bottle. There is a $50 corkage fee, per bottle or per six-pack of beer.
*Credit card payments generate a 4% commission fee.

*Day-pass without tour (under previous reservation) includes:
HAMEKI Facilities: Pools, Palapa, Bonfire, Tipis, Trampolines, Hammocks, Lounge chairs, a long green area, bathrooms, showers, Hameki Cinema, Board games, table soccer, tricycles and bicycles. Schedule from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
*Tour to the cenotes (under previous reservation) includes:
Entrance to 3 cenotes of the region, transportation (tricycle, bicycle or motorcycle cab) and tour guide, life jacket, liability insurance and use of HAMEKI facilities. The tour starts at 10:00 am.
*Spa services (according to our catalog)
*Temazcal (minimum 2 people). It should be hired at the moment of your reservation. Only for clients with Glamping reservation in Hameki.
*Zipline (2 rides per person). Only for clients with Glamping reservation in Hameki.
*Romantic dinners (bottle of wine, red, rosé or white, and pasta Alfredo, Bolognese, 4 Cheeses or Pesto).
*Romantic glamping decoration with natural or artificial flowers. It should be hired at the moment of your reservation.
*We have a vegan, vegetarian and keto menu available. (Please let us know if you would like to follow a vegan, vegetarian and/or a Keto menu at the time of your reservation.)